Finally a heating system that’s more than hot air.

Farho is a European designed low energy consumption heating system. It uses radiant heat, like the sun, to heat you and your family naturally. The radiator design and patented thermo-fluid provides precise room temperatures with the reassurance of low electricity consumption.

Natural Heat

Farho radiators achieve excellent performance with optimum electricity consumption by using a combination of radiant and natural convection heating methods.

Radiant heat is multi-directional and functions by warming surfaces and objects in a similar way to the sun. Radiant heat delivers a natural, efficient and healthy form of heating and allows objects the ability to hold their heat for long periods.

Natural convection spreads out warmth into the atmosphere or a room, the warm air rises and cooler, more dense air drops and replaces the warm air, this means Farho heaters can get up to temperature and operate efficiently in a short period of time. The natural convection heat prevents dust and other airborne particles from being spread around, as there is no forced air movement.

Electric Heating
Electric Heating
Electric Heating

Kind to your family and the environment

Unlike other heating systems Farho will not dampen or dry out the air being heated. Many products burn the oxygen in a room, which can lead to fumes, odours, staining, and a person feeling drowsy, but with Farho all you feel is natural warmth.

Smart Technology

Our radiators are made from lightweight and maintenance free aluminium. Their design lends itself to high heat emission properties due to their shape and high exposed surface area. The radiators are injected with a superior performance thermo-fluid which has high thermal conductivity and stability properties.

The thermo-fluid heats rapidly and expands filling up the whole radiator which reaches temperature in a short period of time. As electricity is used to heat the fluid rather than the air directly, the Farho system is able to maximise energy transformation in accordance with the laws of physics. In order to maintain the required temperature levels the Farho radiator only needs to consume electricity for part of its operational time. All Farho products have been expertly designed and are subject to a host of international patents.

Electric Heating
Electric Heating
Electric Heating

Made to Measure Heat

When it comes to heating there is simply no substitute for good building design and insulation. The Farho system is the ideal solution for modern homes, apartments, institutions and small to mid-sized commercial units. Please refer to the Product range table on the following page for estimated room size heating requirements. When looking at radiator performance and efficiency it is generally better to have more capacity than less.

So easy to install

There are no boilers, ducting, piping networks or chimneys when you install Farho. All that’s needed are wall brackets (supplied) and a standard power source. This makes a Farho system an excellent choice not just for new homes but also for renovation and retrofit projects.


Electric Heating
Model Wattage Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Price
AN-3 330 590 370 95 £224
AN-5 550 590 530 95 £280
AN-7 770 590 690 95 £337
AN-9 990 590 850 95 £393
AN-11 1210 590 1010 95 £436
AN-13 1430 590 1170 95 £484
Electric Heating
Model Wattage Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Price
TDE-3 330 575 370 98 £282
TDE-5 550 575 530 98 £340
TDE-7 770 575 690 98 £397
TDE-9 990 575 850 98 £454
TDE-11 1210 575 1010 98 £497
TDE-13 1430 575 1170 98 £545
Electric Heating
Model Wattage Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Price
XANA PLUS-3 330 590 370 95 £337
XANA PLUS-5 550 590 530 95 £395
XANA PLUS-7 770 590 690 95 £455
XANA PLUS-9 990 590 850 95 £514
XANA PLUS-11 1210 590 1010 95 £558
XANA PLUS-13 1430 590 1170 95 £608
Electric Heating
Voltage Hz Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Price
230 50 195 130 50 £570


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